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4 ways to market your business online


We know advertising, trust us.  Today we’re going over 3 very powerful ways to market your business so you can make it in the fish eat fish environment.

#1 – Facebook Ads

If you’ve made a Facebook page this is a good way to start off at a cheap price.  Facebook ads can go as low as $5 for a few thousand clicks, which is very worth it.  On Facebook you can customize the type of people you are targeting the type of people, where they live, what their hobbies are, where they work, etc.

#2 – Adwords

Another powerful tool made by Google is Adwords.  This is a system where you pay per 1000 impressions – meaning the amount of people that have been on the site & saw your ad.  Google will ask you for keywords where you’d like to rank so that when people type it into Google search you show up along with any other ad sites trying to be in the same search.

#3 – Blog sites

This can be pricey however extremely helpful for the future of your company and the credit it has on the Internet.  Try to hire blog authors that own very big sites to write something about your business that is relative to their site.  This means that the blog will be linking to you & bringing in traffic everyday permanently.

#4 – Google My Business 

Every business should always set up a Google my business page so that they can be found on Google easily.  Google my business is an important part of having a online presence during a Google search. This can be a make or break moment when a customer is searching for what you’re providing.


Top 5 Commercials This Years Super Bowl


Hyundai’s Ryanville

A very funny and bright commercial displaying two young woman in their 20’s driving through Ryanville, a small town, with the Hyundai Elantra.  While riding through the street they see a couple of men that distracts them.  They wave back & obviously their is attraction going on so they’re very preoccupied when all of a sudden the car stops by itself for someone with their dogs.

Doritos Dogs

Doritos has a past of making very good commercials, part of the reason their brand is known so well worldwide.  In this commercial Dogs sit staring at a grocery store that has an entire section full of Doritos.  He looks over to the sign that says “No dog allowed”.  A great way to set up the commercial for the comedy that is coming next.  The Dogs try many times to get in when they finally see someone wearing a hat and cloak.  Skip to the next seen and they’re

Doritos Ultrasound

Another amazing commercial by Doritos that we should take note of… I thought that this one was so funny it made me laugh & this is why I will continue to buy Doritos.   In this commercial it shows a man eating Doritos at his wife’s Ultrasound, and this is just to start the audience with a laugh.  The father figures out that the Doritos is effecting the movement of the kid.  He then decides to start playing around in which the kid starts going ballistic inside of his wife.

Wiener Stampede

Heinz has also made a great Commercial at this years Superbowl! Like Doritos this includes dogs, dogs with hotdog costumes running straight towards their owners.  As you can see in the preview picture, the owners are wearing giant Heinz Ketchup, Sriracha, Mustard, & BBQ Sauce.



Hyundai’s ‘First Date’

Another beautiful Commercial made by Hyundai.  It features a couple that goes on their first date with their new Hyundai.  It sets off with Keven Hart desperately protecting his daughter.  He gives the man that is taking his daughter out keys to the new Hyundai Genesis but you quickly learn Keven has another plan.  He pulls out his apple watch and there appears a car tracker & then is skips to the next seen.  Keven Hart starts to stalk the couple on their date in the movies, at the pier, & even at a view.


Instagram Ads


Instagram has recently come out with a new way for businesses to officially reach thousands or millions potential customers around the world with just a few clicks from the Instagram app.  Now that we’ve gone over how to make an ad & how important social media is, we’re going to go over Instagram Ads and what positives they can do for your business.

What Instagram Ads can Do

Instagram ads work the same as Facebook ads in which you can put an amount of money into a post and pay for that many impressions per day.  This works absolutely great with marketing tactics on Instagram as well as growing an Instagram base that hasn’t popped up yet.  Instagram ads are the thing of the future as other companies will try to compete, currently they have the easiest platform to get the fastest results in just one day.  You can set a budget per day for as long as you want.  This makes it great for automizing your marketing & more about what is important… Selling your product.


So why use Instagram ads? Everyone needs an Instagram following, everyone needs impressions, & everyone needs customers at the price of a traditional Adwords.  I highly suggest putting money down into Instagram to ensure a thriving business.

Internet Advertising


Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is becoming amongst the largest companies in the world.  More & more people are resorting to free social media marketing to build attraction to their business. Here is the list of the best, most influence social media programs that you can use.

A classic, but every company must have a Facebook page that is monitored if they want to have a strong social connection with their fans.  It seems like having a Facebook page is becoming a must in the business world.

Now owned by Facebook, Instagram is now a great way to market.  You can post picture, promote pictures whilst advertising.  Instagram has recently implemented a new update that allows any business accounts to promote their Instagram posts.  This new way of advertising will be taking over for the years to come as Instagram becomes larger & larger.

Great for selling products, on this site you can list products such as your own.  This is also a great app for ranking items on google.

Out of all the social media platforms I suggest these the most because they simply apply the most ranking to your site.  Every professional business needs to make a Google business page along with a google + page.  This is the only way to allow yourself to rank on the top of google as an official business.  This is very important for ranking on google as when people are looking for your business they will see this on the right side of google in a little box made just for your company.

  • Twitter

Although this is becoming a thing of the past and has proven to be one of the less influential social networking platforms, it still plays a big role in determining the validity of the business.  It is true that almost every large company these days has an official twitter.

This is a very good social networking platform that working amazing with Facebook and Instagram.  What is so great about Tumblr is that you can connect it to your Instagram and therefore Instagram can automatically post it on Twitter, Tumblr, & Facebook.  This is a powerful feature that should be used!


Basics of TV Advertising


TV Advertising

TV Advertising is among the best ways to advertise your business and start making profit today.  If done right Advertising can be your best friend instead of just a waste of money.


Make sure that you’re reach is enough for what you’re paying & that you track the percentage of that people that click your ad.  Taking in analytics for amount of people your reach and what actions they perform is a crucial part of effective advertising.  Learn from the experts, but it’s said only around 1 of 1000 people will click on your ad, so whats the amount of people that will by.


This is an important part of turning the reach into actual revenue that becomes profit.  Their are different ways and ads so that you can target a demographic.  If you are selling alcohol through an ad it might not be the best idea to place a commercial on a kids channel.  Study what is happening and the feedback from each ad.


Once you’ve decided the reach, and the target, you’ve gotta make the most important thing, the ad.  Even if everything else is important, you must have the ad be perfect.  A great set-up, great pitch, great everything otherwise you’re not going to get the best results possible.  Making it a waste of money


You’re adds need to be as effective as possible.  The script must have the viewer follow along the whole time so you can keep their attention.  By the end of the ad you must have convinced them to call the number on the screen otherwise the sale is lost.  Although company exposure is great the only actual thing you’re going for is the money.  If you have the best Reach, the Best Targeting, The Best Ad, but no punchline, you will have no buyers.  Ideas are, two for one deal, discounts, add-ons, ect.  Convince your viewer to buy the product, and think in the eyes of the demographic.  This is what it is to be a TV advertiser, very crucial work that requires in depth information gathering and perfect slogans. Nothing in-between.

Inefficient Targeting

Inefficient Targeting can be the make or break for an ad.  You can have everything just right, You can be targeting 100,000 people, with the best AD & a %75 off deal with a two for one, but no one is going to buy if you are selling alcohol to kids.  Targeting is a very important part of TV advertising so make sure that you do research on where you are advertising with what you’re advertising.