Basics of TV Advertising


TV Advertising

TV Advertising is among the best ways to advertise your business and start making profit today.  If done right Advertising can be your best friend instead of just a waste of money.


Make sure that you’re reach is enough for what you’re paying & that you track the percentage of that people that click your ad.  Taking in analytics for amount of people your reach and what actions they perform is a crucial part of effective advertising.  Learn from the experts, but it’s said only around 1 of 1000 people will click on your ad, so whats the amount of people that will by.


This is an important part of turning the reach into actual revenue that becomes profit.  Their are different ways and ads so that you can target a demographic.  If you are selling alcohol through an ad it might not be the best idea to place a commercial on a kids channel.  Study what is happening and the feedback from each ad.


Once you’ve decided the reach, and the target, you’ve gotta make the most important thing, the ad.  Even if everything else is important, you must have the ad be perfect.  A great set-up, great pitch, great everything otherwise you’re not going to get the best results possible.  Making it a waste of money


You’re adds need to be as effective as possible.  The script must have the viewer follow along the whole time so you can keep their attention.  By the end of the ad you must have convinced them to call the number on the screen otherwise the sale is lost.  Although company exposure is great the only actual thing you’re going for is the money.  If you have the best Reach, the Best Targeting, The Best Ad, but no punchline, you will have no buyers.  Ideas are, two for one deal, discounts, add-ons, ect.  Convince your viewer to buy the product, and think in the eyes of the demographic.  This is what it is to be a TV advertiser, very crucial work that requires in depth information gathering and perfect slogans. Nothing in-between.

Inefficient Targeting

Inefficient Targeting can be the make or break for an ad.  You can have everything just right, You can be targeting 100,000 people, with the best AD & a %75 off deal with a two for one, but no one is going to buy if you are selling alcohol to kids.  Targeting is a very important part of TV advertising so make sure that you do research on where you are advertising with what you’re advertising.

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