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4 ways to market your business online


We know advertising, trust us.  Today we’re going over 3 very powerful ways to market your business so you can make it in the fish eat fish environment.

#1 – Facebook Ads

If you’ve made a Facebook page this is a good way to start off at a cheap price.  Facebook ads can go as low as $5 for a few thousand clicks, which is very worth it.  On Facebook you can customize the type of people you are targeting the type of people, where they live, what their hobbies are, where they work, etc.

#2 – Adwords

Another powerful tool made by Google is Adwords.  This is a system where you pay per 1000 impressions – meaning the amount of people that have been on the site & saw your ad.  Google will ask you for keywords where you’d like to rank so that when people type it into Google search you show up along with any other ad sites trying to be in the same search.

#3 – Blog sites

This can be pricey however extremely helpful for the future of your company and the credit it has on the Internet.  Try to hire blog authors that own very big sites to write something about your business that is relative to their site.  This means that the blog will be linking to you & bringing in traffic everyday permanently.

#4 – Google My Business 

Every business should always set up a Google my business page so that they can be found on Google easily.  Google my business is an important part of having a online presence during a Google search. This can be a make or break moment when a customer is searching for what you’re providing.