Instagram Ads


Instagram has recently come out with a new way for businesses to officially reach thousands or millions potential customers around the world with just a few clicks from the Instagram app.  Now that we’ve gone over how to make an ad & how important social media is, we’re going to go over Instagram Ads and what positives they can do for your business.

What Instagram Ads can Do

Instagram ads work the same as Facebook ads in which you can put an amount of money into a post and pay for that many impressions per day.  This works absolutely great with marketing tactics on Instagram as well as growing an Instagram base that hasn’t popped up yet.  Instagram ads are the thing of the future as other companies will try to compete, currently they have the easiest platform to get the fastest results in just one day.  You can set a budget per day for as long as you want.  This makes it great for automizing your marketing & more about what is important… Selling your product.


So why use Instagram ads? Everyone needs an Instagram following, everyone needs impressions, & everyone needs customers at the price of a traditional Adwords.  I highly suggest putting money down into Instagram to ensure a thriving business.

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