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Social Media Advertising is becoming amongst the largest companies in the world.  More & more people are resorting to free social media marketing to build attraction to their business. Here is the list of the best, most influence social media programs that you can use.

A classic, but every company must have a Facebook page that is monitored if they want to have a strong social connection with their fans.  It seems like having a Facebook page is becoming a must in the business world.

Now owned by Facebook, Instagram is now a great way to market.  You can post picture, promote pictures whilst advertising.  Instagram has recently implemented a new update that allows any business accounts to promote their Instagram posts.  This new way of advertising will be taking over for the years to come as Instagram becomes larger & larger.

Great for selling products, on this site you can list products such as your own.  This is also a great app for ranking items on google.

Out of all the social media platforms I suggest these the most because they simply apply the most ranking to your site.  Every professional business needs to make a Google business page along with a google + page.  This is the only way to allow yourself to rank on the top of google as an official business.  This is very important for ranking on google as when people are looking for your business they will see this on the right side of google in a little box made just for your company.

  • Twitter

Although this is becoming a thing of the past and has proven to be one of the less influential social networking platforms, it still plays a big role in determining the validity of the business.  It is true that almost every large company these days has an official twitter.

This is a very good social networking platform that working amazing with Facebook and Instagram.  What is so great about Tumblr is that you can connect it to your Instagram and therefore Instagram can automatically post it on Twitter, Tumblr, & Facebook.  This is a powerful feature that should be used!


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