Top 5 Commercials This Years Super Bowl


Hyundai’s Ryanville

A very funny and bright commercial displaying two young woman in their 20’s driving through Ryanville, a small town, with the Hyundai Elantra.  While riding through the street they see a couple of men that distracts them.  They wave back & obviously their is attraction going on so they’re very preoccupied when all of a sudden the car stops by itself for someone with their dogs.

Doritos Dogs

Doritos has a past of making very good commercials, part of the reason their brand is known so well worldwide.  In this commercial Dogs sit staring at a grocery store that has an entire section full of Doritos.  He looks over to the sign that says “No dog allowed”.  A great way to set up the commercial for the comedy that is coming next.  The Dogs try many times to get in when they finally see someone wearing a hat and cloak.  Skip to the next seen and they’re

Doritos Ultrasound

Another amazing commercial by Doritos that we should take note of… I thought that this one was so funny it made me laugh & this is why I will continue to buy Doritos.   In this commercial it shows a man eating Doritos at his wife’s Ultrasound, and this is just to start the audience with a laugh.  The father figures out that the Doritos is effecting the movement of the kid.  He then decides to start playing around in which the kid starts going ballistic inside of his wife.

Wiener Stampede

Heinz has also made a great Commercial at this years Superbowl! Like Doritos this includes dogs, dogs with hotdog costumes running straight towards their owners.  As you can see in the preview picture, the owners are wearing giant Heinz Ketchup, Sriracha, Mustard, & BBQ Sauce.



Hyundai’s ‘First Date’

Another beautiful Commercial made by Hyundai.  It features a couple that goes on their first date with their new Hyundai.  It sets off with Keven Hart desperately protecting his daughter.  He gives the man that is taking his daughter out keys to the new Hyundai Genesis but you quickly learn Keven has another plan.  He pulls out his apple watch and there appears a car tracker & then is skips to the next seen.  Keven Hart starts to stalk the couple on their date in the movies, at the pier, & even at a view.


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